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Missing A Tooth?

Dental Implants in Guelph, ON

Check out our special promotion pricing for Dental Implants including :

  • lab and materials (Astra Tech Implant System)
  • surgical implant placement
  • final porcelain crown placement by our specialist.

Free Whitening

Special Whitening

Stonegate Dental would like to give you a gift of custom tray whitening after a complete oral exam with X-Rays and a Dental Cleaning.

Just our little way of welcoming you to Stonegate Dental!

Individualized Payment Plans

Individualized Dental Payment Options

Individualized payment plans can also be offered if you provide us with a credit card, an adequate deposit and personal information.

Dental Implants

Screening For Dental Implants

Dental Implants include lab materials from Astra Tech Implant System, surgical implant placement and final porcelain crown placement by our specialist, Dr. Chan.