Hope everyone in Guelph has been having a great spring so far!

We’ve seen beautiful weather so far this year and with all this sun, we’ve seen even more beautiful smiles!

Our dentists have loved the smiling young faces that have been coming through our doors.

Without a doubt, Stonegate Dental is the go-to dentistry in all of Guelph. With over 60 Google Reviews we have been rated a solid 4.9 on average.

Our testimonials speak for themselves!

After reading through all the wonderful comments our clients have said about us, we’d like to highlight the top 5 reasons to choose Stonegate Dental - as experienced - by you!

Reason #1 - Comfort

It’s a widely known fact. Some people are terrified of dentists. Our patient, Jackie Trecartin, said it herself: “Dr. Wat made sure I was comfortable and did everything she could to make my experience there a positive one. Very personable and friendly staff.” Jackie, we hope that this is one fear you no longer have! Thanks for the 5-star rating and strong recommendation for our dentists here at Stonegate Dental. 

Reason #2 - Wonderful and Friendly Staff

An extremely kind review from Mike Bird spoke about how he’s been going to Stonegate Dental for many years and that it’s our wonderful, courteous and attentive Guelph staff that keeps him coming back. Our Dr. Nancy Wat continues to instill comfort and trust in all our patients! 

Reason #3 - Thorough, Yet Gentle

It’s quite a delicate balance. Being utmost thorough in our work, yet still gentle enough to walk our patients through the process. It’s with our genuine care that our entire team does such a great job. Stonegate Dental has “Wonderfully friendly people, a comforting environment, and skilled professionals.” Thank you Oliver Franklin! 

Reason #4 - Outstanding Dental Work

Nancy, Vanessa and the whole team are simply fabulous. We’re professional, knowledgeable, AND caring. When you’re a patient with us here in Guelph, we’ll make sure you’re completely comfortable and that you feel no pain or anxiety. It’s our passion for our amazing patients that we want to provide the best for them. 

Reason #5 - Simply The Best Guelph Dentists

“We think we have found the last Guelph dentist we will ever need and will always enjoy the services provided.” William Hare has said what all our patients have been thinking. It’s simply the best dental experience Guelph offers.

Stonegate Dental - Where all your dental worries come to an end. For a positive and professional experience, call Dr. Nancy Wat and her team of hygienists today at (519) 822 - 0800 or visit us at 5B, 292 Stone Road West, Guelph.