Did you know that August 22nd is National Tooth Fairy Day? Here at Stonegate Dental, we want to celebrate this special day by talking about children’s oral hygiene and what happens when they lose a tooth.

Did you know that August 22nd is National Tooth Fairy Day? Here at Stonegate Dental, we want to celebrate this special day by talking about children’s oral hygiene and what happens when they lose a tooth. We’re giving parents tips for children’s oral health, and we’re giving kids some fun facts about the Tooth Fairy.

Taking care of teeth as a child will help adult teeth grow in. As adult teeth grow in, they push baby teeth out…and the Tooth Fairy will need to stop in for a visit! The Tooth Fairy is a magical little creature that will fly in and pick up any baby teeth that have fallen out, replacing the tooth with a little bit of money or a small gift. In order for a visit, children need to keep atop their oral health.

What Parents Need to Know

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Baby teeth grow in during the toddler years. As children continue to grow, their mouths develop and mature into a more adult-like state. For this to happen, children need to have a healthy, well-balanced diet, but they also need to take care of their teeth.

Children ages 3 and under need to have the help of their parents to keep their teeth clean, usually with a bit of water and a soft toothbrush. Then from ages 3 to 6, children should be supervised when they’re brushing and flossing. This is the age range when children begin to use toothpaste with fluoride in small amounts.

As the mouth grows, so do adult teeth in the gumline. As these teeth grow and erupt from the gumline, the baby teeth above the gumline become loose. When a baby tooth falls out, there’s nothing to worry about! An adult tooth will grow in the open space, leaving your child with a strong, healthy tooth for life.

What Do Parents Need to Know About Adult Teeth?

In order to keep adult teeth healthy, children need to continue brushing, flossing, and going for regular dental cleanings. It’s also a great time to teach children the effects candy, pop and sugary juices have on teeth. As a parent or guardian, you can remind the child just how much the Tooth Fairy wants to see them have a healthy smile after their baby teeth have fallen out.

Below, we’re sharing some facts about the Tooth Fairy that you can share with your child. The more they know about the process of losing baby teeth, the more excited they will be to take care of their new adult teeth.

What Kids Need to Know

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When your teeth get wiggly it means the Tooth Fairy will be flying to your bedroom soon! Losing a baby tooth is normal and shows that you are growing a healthy adult smile. Here’s what to expect when you lose a baby tooth:

1) Losing a baby tooth is quite an exciting time because it means the Tooth Fairy will pay a visit! Don’t worry about letting the Tooth Fairy know—a special sound only they can hear lets them know when a child has lost a tooth.

2) The Tooth Fairy collects fallen baby teeth at night while you are sleeping, usually from underneath a pillow. If you don’t put it under your pillow, that’s okay! The Tooth Fairy can see fallen out baby teeth no matter where you put it—so if you have a special box or put your tooth on a nearby dresser, it will be found!

3) The Tooth Fairy knows it’s hard work for children to take care of teeth and grow in their adult ones. In return for taking care of a baby tooth and giving it to the Tooth Fairy, you will find a small amount of money or a gift to say thank you.

4) The Tooth Fairy knows that sometimes children misplace their baby teeth. That doesn’t mean you won’t get a visit overnight! With special fairy eyes, the tooth will be found and you’ll still have a special surprise waiting for you in the morning!

5) Finally, The Tooth Fairy likes to see children taking care of their adult teeth. Here are some ways you can keep your new teeth healthy:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day and be sure to floss!
  • Don’t eat too much sugar and pop
  • Eat healthy and make sure you’re getting lots of fruits and vegetables
  • Make sure you keep visiting your dentist so they can check out your smile

Stonegate Dental and Your Child’s Teeth

We’ve included some printable resources below for when the Tooth Fairy comes in for a visit including a printable certificate from the Canadian Dental Association for each lost tooth, and an interview with a Tooth Fairy. As your child’s mouth matures, Stonegate Dental wants to help you each step of the way. To make sure your child is getting the best dental care, please contact our Guelph Dentist Office. We are a top rated Dentist Office in Guelph and specialize in easing dental anxiety in children. Please don’t hesitate to call and make your child an appointment with our team.

Resources: Canadian Dental Association Lost Tooth Certificate and Interview With a Tooth Fairy