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Complete Oral Examination

A complete oral examination includes: screening for oral cancer, a facial and joint exam, intraoral tissue exam, and more!

When Was The Last Time You Visited the Dentist Office?

The words “complete oral examination", don't need to scare you. When it comes to keeping your oral health in check, you need to visit your local dentist office for both complete oral examinations and dental cleanings. During your initial visit to Stonegate Dental, our team will do a complete oral examination. This examination will give you an overview of what your current oral health is like, and ways you can improve. A complete oral examination includes: screening for oral cancer, a facial and temporobandibular (jaw) joint exam, intraoral tissue exam, teeth exam, cavity detection, and a periodontal (gum) exam.

When you visit Stonegate Dental for a complete oral exam, we will update your treatment records, we will provide you with an updated overview of your oral health, as well as a diagnosis and treatment plan if necessary.

We use the best in dental technology and dental innovations to provide you with the best oral care.

Digital X-Rays and intraoral photos are taken to completely evaluate your oral health progress. Checkup X-Rays are taken annually. Digital X-Rays can reveal hidden cavities in between teeth, any silent cysts or abscesses, abnormalities and/or bone loss due to periodontal disease. Early detection from X-Rays can prevent the need for invasive and expensive treatments.

How to Prepare for Your Oral Examination

If you have some pre-appointment nerves, you’re not alone. Many Stonegate Dental patients or first-time dental patients express some nerves before coming in for their oral examination. For adults, we recommend leaving yourself an ample amount of time to get to our office so you can come in and relax in our patient lounge. For children (or the young at heart) we have a colourful play area, filled with toys, books, games and stuffed animals to help calm nerves.

When your dental hygienist begins the oral examination, please let them know if you have any questions or concerns about your oral health. It is important that you ask questions and understand what’s happening inside your mouth. Our hygienists are trained to help answer questions and make you feel comfortable in the dentist chair, so don’t be shy! If it helps you, write down any questions beforehand so you don’t forget to ask. The Stonegate Dental team aims to make your visit as fun, stress-free and comfortable as possible.

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