Did you know that Stonegate Dental offers custom tray teeth whitening services?

We will make impressions of your unique teeth and bite, and use them to create trays for whitening that will fit your teeth perfectly.

This will hold the whitening product in contact with your teeth on a schedule arranged with your dental team. These custom trays can be reused over and over and will keep your whitening sessions comfortable and effective.

Custom Whitening Trays vs Drugstore Whitening: 3 Things to Consider

You might be wondering - why have whitening trays custom made at the dentist’s office when there are so many whitening options available at the local drugstore?

Here are 3 reasons custom trays are the best choice for safely and effectively whitening your smile:

Affordability Over Time

Whitening solutions from the dentist are inexpensive to purchase. Once your impressions have been taken and the dentist shows you how to use your new custom whitening trays, no further dental visits are needed. The trays made for your unique teeth in the dental office are reusable so it will not be necessary to purchase new kits for every treatment or touchup. If you intend to whiten regularly, custom trays are actually less expensive over time and produce far less waste. 

Avoid Gum Disease

The trays that come with the whitening kits at the drugstore are sometimes flexible but they are designed to fit anyone’s teeth. This means there will inevitably be areas that rub and irritate your gum tissue, as well as areas that expose your delicate gum tissue to the whitening solution itself. Both of these things can cause serious discomfort and worse; irritation and contact with whitener increases your risk of developing gum disease such as gingivitis or periodontitis. 


The whitening solution available from your dentist for use with custom-fit trays is stronger than whiteners purchased in an over-the-counter kit at the pharmacy. Custom fit trays prevent contact with your delicate gum tissue, allowing for use of a stronger teeth whitening solution. This means that it works in fewer applications. Tray whitening is also much more effective than whitening rinses or pastes, and covers more of your teeth than strip whiteners from the drugstores which whiten only front teeth. 

Call our Guelph dentist office today to discuss our at-home whitening process and get your custom trays for a dazzling new smile!