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Dental Crowns

Crowns, also known as "caps" are like helmets for your teeth because they can protect teeth.

Improve The Appearance Of Your Smile

Dental Crowns, also referred to as Dental Caps, are placed on existing, damaged teeth or on a Dental Implant. Generally speaking, dental crowns are used to improve the appearance of teeth and smiles. Here are a few ways they can be used:

  • Dental crowns in combination with a Dental bridge can fill in gaps between teeth.
  • Dental Crowns can be created to cover a Dental Implant
  • Dental crowns can strengthen existing teeth that are weakened from root canals, fractures or other oral damage. The extra protection from a crown prevents further breakage and saves tooth structure
  • Dental crowns can cover discoloured teeth

Dental Crowns on Existing Teeth and Dental Implants

Before a dental crown is placed on an existing tooth, the tooth must be prepared for the crown to fit. This involves some gentle shaving and reshaping of the tooth to bring it down in size so the dental crown fits over top. If the dental crown is to cover a dental implant, it will be fabricated to fit into the top.

During your initial consultation in our dentist office, your tooth will be prepared and a temporary crown will be fabricated for you to wear until the new, permanent crown is cemented and adjusted by Dr.Wat.

Dental crowns can be made using various materials. For teeth closer to the back of the mouth, gold or metal may be preferred because they are stronger than other materials. For aesthetic purposes, most patients choose porcelain fused together with a layer of precious metal, or they may choose a fully porcelain tooth. Depending on where the dental crown needs to go, your bite, and your teeth structure Dr. Wat can help make a recommendation.