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Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants are placed on molars for protection.

A dental sealant is placed on the surface of a molar or premolar (known as the chewing teeth) to help protect teeth from decay. Dental sealant is placed on teeth in the deep groves (fissures) giving the tooth a smooth surface and more protection from food getting stuck while protecting the enamel.

Protecting your Teeth with Dental Sealant

More than 75% of dental decay begins in the deep grooves in the back teeth because it is difficult for toothbrush bristles to get into these spots. By adding a dental sealant, the tooth has a much smoother surface, which is easier to keep clean with your oral hygiene routine.

During an oral examination, Dr. Wat or a dental hygienist may see the need for dental sealant on your teeth. If Dr. Wat believes it is necessary, a dental sealant procedure will take place in our Guelph Dentist office.

Getting a Dental Sealant in Guelph

A dental hygienist will need to prepare the tooth before the dental seleant is placed. This involves some polishing, removing plaque and drying off the tooth. After this, they will use a solution on the teeth for a few seconds before they rinse it off, which gives the tooth a rougher surface. The rougher surface makes it easier to place the sealant on the tooth and have it adhere. Once the solution and the liquid dental sealant are in place, the tooth must dry and harden. Often, a Dentist uses a light that dries the tooth, but some types of dental sealants can dry without a light. After everything has dried and hardened, your new dental sealant is ready for use! Dental Sealants last for many years and usually don’t need to be replaced.

To learn more about Dental Sealants in Guelph, ask Dr. Wat or one of the Stonegate Dental hygienists for more information. Keeping your teeth strong and in motion is what we do best!