Nobody is thrilled when it’s time for your annual dental examination. In fact, many adults skip this yearly tradition altogether, opting only to see a dentist when pain or issues arise.

4 Reasons Not to Skip Your Routine Dental Exam

Not only can routine dental visits prevent cavities and other painful issues, but here are four crucial reasons you should never pass on your routine dental checkups.

1 - Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer screening is not part of your usual medical care from a family doctor, and the symptoms of oral cancer frequently go unnoticed. Without prompt attention, oral cancer can spread and become extremely difficult to treat. Your dentist will examine your mouth for the early signs of oral cancer during your routine annual dental visit.

2 - Temporomandibular Joint Exam

The temporomandibular joint, or ‘TMJ’, is the joint that connects the jaw to the skull. Its health and functioning can affect a variety of aspects of your wellbeing. Having your dentist check your temporomandibular joint can identify early issues or narrow down the cause of unpleasant symptoms like headaches, neck and shoulder pain, jaw clicking, and hearing loss. 

3 - Full Dental Cleaning

As part of your routine annual dental visit, the hygienist will clean and polish your teeth, removing plaque and tartar buildup that you’ve been unable to remove at home. They can also offer tips for better home teeth cleaning, remove minor stains, and apply sealants to prevent future decay. Everyone loves that smooth, fresh-from-the-dentist’s-chair feeling of professionally-cleaned teeth!

4 - X-Rays

Digital X-rays are part of every annual dental examination, and these can reveal silent oral health issues that could seriously impact your smile and your wallet if not treated. X-rays can detect hidden cavities between teeth, abscesses and cysts that aren’t yet causing pain, and other problems in the teeth and mouth that you may not be able to see or feel. Hidden cavities, cysts, and infections can all lead to serious complications including advanced gum disease, tooth loss, and damage to the bones in the jaw. 

Routine dental checkups and examinations can help you address many oral health problems as soon as they develop. Untreated dental issues have been associated with heart disease, and can lead to unsightly tooth damage and loss, as well as expensive future procedures. Don’t be tempted to skip this vital part of a healthy lifestyle - call and make your appointment here at our Guelph Dentist office and we promise to make your visit as easy and comfortable as possible!