Flippers are used for a variety of cosmetic and temporary purposes. Dental patients in Guelph and those we see at Stonegate Dental may be in need of a flipper at some point in their lives.

Are Flipper Dentures the Same As Partial Dentures?

Flippers, also known as Temporary Acrylic Partial Dentures, are great for anyone who is missing a few teeth and needs an inexpensive replacement. While flippers are a type of partial denture, they are often used in temporary situations whereas Framework Partial Dentures and Flexible Framework Partial Dentures can be used longer.

Essentially, a flipper denture has an acrylic, mouth-tissue coloured base, which has an acrylic tooth, or in some cases teeth, attached. Oftentimes, there are metal clasps that will help secure the flipper to existing teeth, but some can be made without the clasps. They are not intrusive in the mouth, and patients can wear them without any disturbance.

Flippers can be made quite fast. If you have a scheduled tooth extraction coming up, we invite you to come in and have the molds for your flipper made before hand. This way, we can have your flipper denture ready for you! This is wonderful for patients that do not want to leave Stonegate Dental with gaps in their smile.

Who Can Benefit From A Flipper?

  • Young models, actors and dancers can benefit from a flipper to fill in the gaps when the Tooth Fairy is making her visits
  • Patients who are getting a tooth extracted and needs a replacement on the same day can use a flipper until a more permanent solution can be put in place
  • Patients that require a quick solution after a Dental Emergency that is unforeseen, like an injury that requires a tooth or teeth to be removed
  • Elderly patients who may find that the metal used in a Framework Partial Denture too bothersome, and may just want a temporary fix when they are out in public
  • Dental patients who cannot afford the cost of other solutions for missing. While we do recommend more permanent solutions like Framework Partial Dentures, Dental Implants, or Dental Bridges, we understand that it may not be in everyone’s budget at that time

Flippers Make a Great Temporary Replacement

Dental professionals recommend flippers as a temporary replacement only. Flippers are not quite as retentive or stable as other kinds of dentures, and are not comparable to the results you will get with a Dental Implant or Bridge.

The reason that flippers are suggested as temporary solutions is because they can break frequently. They also may not be as retentive or stable as other kinds of partial dentures that are retained by sturdier metal clasps around the teeth and gum line. This is why it is recommended that patients only use flippers for a short amount of time and in times where the cost of a flipper is more suitable than the cost of other dental procedures or appliances.

How Do I Get A Flipper Denture?

Flipper Dentures can be made quite easily. All it takes is a visit to Stonegate Dental (rated as one of the best Guelph Dental Offices) where we can take an impression of your mouth to make the flipper. Flippers are not too labour intensive on our end, and we’ll be able to create one for you quickly.

The next time you come in, we’ll have your flipper ready for you!

Book an appointment with Stonegate Dental if you think a flipper denture is suitable for your dental needs. When you come in for your appointment, we will be able to help determine what dental solutions are best for your mouth.