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Nitrous Oxide

Stonegate Dental provides Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) for dental procedures as necessary.

Nitrous Oxide For Stress-Free Dentistry

The Stonegate Dental team aims to provide a stress-free and comfortable visit at our Guelph Dentist Office. Despite our efforts, some patients may still find their dental visit unpleasant because of anxiety or other health related issues. These shouldn’t be the reason that your dental health is compromised. That’s why Stonegate Dental is proud to offer Nitrous Oxide as an option for reducing dental anxiety during your visit.

Why is Nitrous Oxide called Laughing Gas?

Nitrous Oxide (part oxygen and part hydrogen) is a gas given to patients by inhaling the gas through their nose from a small mask. The gas works as a safe and effective sedative that helps patients relax and feel comfortable during dental procedures. The relaxation people feel as part of the sedation effect earns it the name laughing gas.

The sedative does not make a patient unconscious, but it may cause the patient to feel tingly, light headed or warm. While the gas is used, patients can still respond to dental associates and comprehend what is said. Nitrous Oxide is safe for both adults and children to use.

The price of using nitrous oxide gas during dental procedures is measured by time, as suggested by the Ontario Dental Fee Guide. The time billed begins with the placement of the inhalation device or ‘nose hood’, and ends when the device is removed.

Guelph Dentist Nitrous Oxide Gas Prices

Stonegate Dental’s rates for administration of dental nitrous oxide gas are as follows:

  • 15 min - $64
  • 30 min - $87
  • 45 min - $109
  • 1 hour - $131

Don’t let dental anxiety or fear of discomfort prevent you from looking after your oral health or enjoying cosmetic improvements to your smile. Call our dentist office today to discuss Nitrous Oxide as an option for your next dental visit.

NEW: Nitrous Oxide in Guelph! Stonegate Dental is excited to announce that we now have Nitrous Oxide available as a treatment option.