Invisalign clear tray aligners are an alternative to metal braces suitable for both children and adults. Nearly invisible, they can correct spacing, alignment, bite, and crowding issues without the familiar “metal-mouth” appearance that goes along with traditional braces. They can also be removed for brushing and enjoyment of favourite foods.

Invisalign Myths Busted

You may have heard the following things about Invisalign braces, but are they accurate? Your team at Stonegate Dental is here to bust the myths!

Myth #1: Straightening with Invisalign takes twice as long.

Fact: Invisalign clear braces often produce the desired results in less time than metal braces. Metal braces take an average of two years to straighten most patients’ teeth, but Invisalign is often able to straighten similar conditions in just 6-18 months!

Myth #2: I’m not a candidate for Invisalign because of my crowns or my particular bite problem

Fact: While Invisalign used to be a solution only for certain bite conditions or people without bridge work, the technology behind Invisalign has improved steadily over the years. By now Invisalign clear tray aligners are made with the very latest in state-of-the-art 3D computer technology, making the effects very precise and customized with your dentist’s expert instructions. This means Invisalign treatment can now correct a much larger array of bite and alignment problems and is suitable even for those with crowns and fillings.

Myth #3: Invisalign isn’t as effective as traditional metal braces

Fact: Invisalign clear braces are shown to be just as effective as metal braces for most conditions. In fact, Invisalign treatment has distinct advantages over traditional braces, such as healthier teeth and gums due to ease of brushing and flossing. Metal braces can make these tasks more challenging and as a result, can potentially cause gum disease and even damage to the teeth.

Myth #4: Invisalign treatment costs twice as much as metal braces

Fact: The cost of teeth straightening and bite correction with Invisalign for most common bite and alignment issues is about equivalent to the cost of traditional metal braces. Another plus is that treatment is often shorter in duration and requires less frequent office visits - saving you both time and money. So don’t be afraid to give Stonegate Dental a call today, and find out what Invisalign clear braces could do for your smile!