While the global Covid 19 pandemic saw the world shut down and people all over the globe facing difficult circumstances, there were a few positive things to come out of that period of time. One of these silver linings is the ability for many Canadians to work remotely, making travel and work and the ‘digital nomad’ concept more popular than ever.  

Traveling and living a nomadic lifestyle is incredibly exciting and appealing, especially for young adults. But this lifestyle means that access to regular dental health care services is limited or even impossible for some, depending on where in the world they may be.  

Below are our top oral health tips for digital nomads and things to consider before you embark on your adventure.  

Schedule a Checkup Before You Leave – One of the best things you can do before you leave on your travels is to see your dentist for a routine checkup and cleaning. This ensures that your teeth and gums are in optimal health and that any potential problems or concerning indicators are identified and addressed before you depart. A pre-departure check-up will help you avoid any unfortunate (and possibly expensive) dental emergencies while you are away. 

Pack Wisely – The availability of dental supplies can vary depending on your location, so packing these supplies with you is essential. Ensure you have packed a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss in an easily accessible location. 

Always Dry Out Your Brush – When you are at home, your toothbrush is stored in a way that it can be easily dried between uses. Allowing your toothbrush to air dry completely before packing it away minimizes the opportunity for bacterial growth when stored in a travel case or ziplock bag. 

Avoid Overly Sugary and Sticky Foods – By avoiding excessive amounts of foods that are known to cause tooth decay and cavities, you will help your teeth and gums maintain their health while you are away. Of course, traveling often involves indulging in some local treats and delicacies; practicing moderation is the way to go.  

Plan Your Brushing – If you find yourself indulging in sugary sodas, candies, or other foods with high sugar levels, do your best to brush your teeth immediately following. Carrying your toothbrush and a travel-sized tube of toothpaste means you can sneak off to the bathroom and brush your teeth wherever you might be. 

Chew Sugar-Free Gum – Chewing sugar-free gum while traveling or living abroad helps stimulate saliva production and neutralize harmful acids in the mouth. By choosing sugar-free gum, you avoid unnecessary exposure and sugar consumption. 

Prioritize Hydration – Keeping your body hydrated when traveling can benefit oral health and prevent tooth decay. Drinking an adequate amount of water each day ensures appropriate saliva production. Saliva is essential for maintaining good bacteria in the mouth, rinsing away plaque and food debris, and keeping the lips, tongue, and jaw lubricated.  

Maintain Your Routine – Sticking to your regular oral hygiene routine when traveling is important. This should include brushing twice daily and flossing once per day. This ensures that food and drink debris is removed, and plaque and bacteria aren’t able to accumulate and multiply.  

Know Your Options – If you will be staying in the same area for a longer time, researching local dentists may be worthwhile. This gives you an emergency plan should you need it and saves you valuable time should an emergency occur.  

If you are planning on traveling soon or are considering the lifestyle of a digital nomad, it is essential that your oral health care comes with you! Contact our fantastic team at our Guelph dentist’s office to learn more about how we can support your oral health, how to prepare for extended travel, or how to book an appointment today!