Sedation Dentistry

There are many reasons why patients put off going to the dentist, but anxiety shouldn’t be one of them. Some patients may experience anxiety about their dental visit, so Stonegate is pleased to offer a sedation dentistry option using Nitrous Oxide. Stonegate dental prides itself in making your visit to the dentist as comfortable as possible.

What Can I Expect?

Inhalation sedation dentistry using Nitrous Oxide could be an option for those uncomfortable with the idea of having dental work done. It is widely used in the industry and is a sedative option for both adults and children that may be experiencing anxiety. Nitrous Oxide (also know as laughing gas) is inhaled from a small mask, relaxing the nervous patient while keeping them conscious.

To prevent nausea, and so the Nitrous Oxide works at its best, the patient should not eat or drink for 3 hours prior to the appointment. Patients can choose from 15 minutes to 1 hour of Nitrous Oxide, depending on the severity of anxiety.

Other Ways to Alleviate Dental Anxiety

If like most of us you live with a constant level of stress in your life, it is important for you to arrange for regular dental visits.  Although the ideal long term solution would be to reduce stress and anxiety in your everyday life, if you believe you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you should have them checked out immediately to prevent or reduce any potential lasting damage.  If ignored, these mouth issues could result in a mouth conditioning that deteriorates to loss of teeth and jaw bone density.  Look out for the signs of possible gum disease: bleeding, swollen gums, chronically foul breath, and loose teeth.

Nitrous Oxide may help, but if you or a loved one is feeling anxious about visiting the dentist, here are a few other suggestions that may help your dental exam go a bit more smoothly:

  • Go with a partner. Make sure you go with someone that can be an extra set of ears in case your concentration is affected
  • Don’t go on an empty stomach. Eat a small meal or snack before heading to your appointment & drink water to stay hydrated
  • Keep your mind occupied. Bring headphones to listen to your favourite music or podcast during the procedure
  • Relaxation. Try meditation techniques including deep breathing or square breathing (inhale 5 sec-hold 5 sec-exhale 5 sec-hold 5 sec)

Another suggestion is to practice anxiety calming techniques before your appointment. Take out a meditation book from the library, practice your breathing or even talk to your doctor or a counselor depending on how extreme your anxiety is. Having these tools in your toolbox not only helps you in the dentist chair, but during other stressful times in your daily life.

The Stonegate Dental team’s goal is to make sure your experience is as comfortable as possible, so feel free to ask questions at any time before or during your appointment. Don’t let your dental anxiety get in the way of your oral health. Contact Stonegate Dental today to learn more about Nitrous Oxide pricing, and to discuss your conscious sedation dentistry options.

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