Nobody looks forward to having a tooth extracted, of course.

Sometimes teeth are too badly decayed or infected to save with restoration, and will need to be extracted to preserve good dental health.

Many patients cringe at the mere thought of having teeth pulled, but with proper preparation and communication with your dentist this procedure doesn’t have to be a horrible experience.

In reality, recovery from a tooth extraction is pretty quick and easy if you follow your dentist’s recommendations and take care of your mouth before and after the procedure.

Make Your Next Tooth Extraction Easier

Here are 3 great tips from Guelph dental extraction specialist Dr. Gokhan Shevket for preparing to have a tooth extraction that will make the process easier.

1 - Allow Extra Time for Questions and Comfort

Here at Stonegate Dental, we like to book extractions with long appointment times, to make sure you are comfortable, completely numbed, and have time to discuss aftercare with Dr. Shevket.

It helps to arrive early and spend some time practicing relaxation techniques.

Your dental team can help you navigate pain management options, local anaesthetics are used during the procedure and various options are available for pain medication when you go home to recover.

If you are exceptionally anxious or phobic of the extraction, Stonegate Dental also offers Nitrous Oxide, or “laughing gas”, to help you relax and manage the pain and discomfort of having a tooth pulled.

2 - Be Healthy and Smoke-Free on the Day of Extraction

Never smoke before your extraction, as this can severely inhibit proper healing and blood clotting.

Be sure to inform your dentist if you have or suspect you are developing a cold on gastrointestinal illness. If you’re sick, you will likely need to rebook your appointment to make sure bacterial infection doesn’t occur afterward.

Remember to have X-rays performed just before the day of extraction, so your dentist can spot and treat any hidden infections or abscesses.

3 - Stock Up On Appropriate Foods

After your extraction, you should never use a straw or eat foods that may injure the area. Suction from smoking or straws can dislodge the blood clot that forms in the extraction site, leading to an extremely painful condition called “dry socket”.

Vigorous chewing can also cause injury to the inflamed and sensitive tissues in the mouth. You’ll want to be stocked up on soft foods that will be easy for you to eat, such as jellos, puddings, soups, and mashed potatoes.

While you should exercise caution when eating after having teeth pulled, it’s important to maintain good nutrition to speed healing and prevent stomach upset from medications you may need to take.

A tooth extraction doesn’t have to be something to dread.

With proper aftercare and preparation, your recovery can be fast and easy so you can get back to living your life. Don’t avoid an extraction from fear, as this can have detrimental consequences for your health.

Call us at Stonegate Dental today to discuss the ways we can help ease your mind about having teeth pulled.