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White Fillings

White fillings (or composite fillings) are tooth-coloured fillings that give a natural look to your smile.

White Fillings Versus Gold or Silver

In older dentistry practices, tooth fillings were made in a silver or gold colour. Gold fillings, known as inlays or onlays, were made of gold and other metallic alloys, giving it strength, but the cost was quite high in comparison to silver fillings. Silver fillings, known as amalgam, were the more common option because they cost less and are highly durable. The problem with silver fillings is that they tend to give surrounding teeth a darkened or grey colour.

As dentistry practices expanded their oral care and aesthetic care, white fillings became the desire route for dental fillings.

Getting A White Filling In Guelph

A white filling, also known as a composite filling, is made for small or medium sized cavities. The fillings are available in a variety of colours, which allows you to walk out of the dentist office with a smile that is customized for you. They have become a popular choice amongst dental patients for practicality and aesthetics. At Stonegate Dental, we offer our patients the option for white fillings as opposed to the other kinds.

Composite fillings provide a high level of durability and can be used on all types of teeth, including the molars that are responsible for chewing. Unlike silver fillings, white fillings do not require much removal of the existing tooth structure to put in the filling. The only part of the existing tooth that needs to be removed is the decay.

What to Expect With Your Filling

When you come in to our dentist office for your filling, be prepared to spend a little bit of time in the chair. Getting a white filling takes a bit of time because of the work involved. Here are the steps broken down:

  1. Dr. Wat will numb the area where the filling will take place. This allows for the work to be done without the patient feeling too much discomfort. It will a take a few minutes for patients to feel the effect of numbing. We also offer Nitrous Oxide at our dentist office for patients who require more anesthesia.
  2. Dr. Wat will need to remove decay from the existing tooth and have the existing tooth shaped
  3. Your tooth may be etched so the filling can bond to your tooth.
  4. Because the material used to create the filling needs to be dry, a dental hygienist will need to keep your teeth saliva free while Dr. Wat puts the filling in place.
  5. For some fillings, the tooth resin will be hardened with a bright light to ensure the bond.
  6. Once the filling is in place, Dr. Wat will polish off the tooth and show you the results. She may ask for a check up following your appointment to see if your bite and smile are comfortable for you.

In order to keep your white filling looking its best, be sure to continue brushing and flossing white maintaining a regular dental cleaning schedule. White fillings typically last five years or longer with proper care. If you have any questions about white fillings, their cost, or their care, please don’t hesitate to contact our Guelph dentist office.

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