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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Finding out you need a wisdom teeth removal may seem like a daunting experience. As stressful as it sounds, this kind of procedure is a fairly common practice. Stonegate Dental in Guelph is experienced in wisdom teeth removal and will walk you through the process to make you feel as comfortable as possible before your appointment.

Reasons Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction May Be Necessary

Wisdom teeth are the final teeth to come in. They sit farthest back in the mouth and may or may not erupt through the gums. In some cases, these teeth cause no problems or pain, and can remain intact. However, in certain situations these teeth can cause gum and, if not addressed, more general health issues. Below are a few reasons why your dentist may believe wisdom tooth extraction may be necessary for your health.

  • Impacted wisdom teeth – When the tooth has not erupted through the gums.
  • Infection – If food particles get caught in the gum around the tooth, infection can occur
  • Pain – The area around the tooth may become swollen, red, or cause increased tooth decay.
  • Misalignment – Sometimes wisdom teeth can come in at odd angles, pushing against neighboring teeth.
  • Cysts – fluid-filled sacs that develop in the jawbone or teeth (in rare cases benign tumors may develop)

Wisdom teeth surgery can be performed at any time by an experienced dental professional, however the earlier they are removed, the easier the surgery usually is. Therefore, is important to maintain your dental health care with regular visits.

If your wisdom teeth need to be extracted, there is no reason to be alarmed. Stonegate Dental is here to make sure you are prepared for your procedure.

What You Can Expect

The first step is to have an x-ray. This creates a picture for the dentist of how your wisdom teeth have grown in and determines how the dentist will go about extracting them.

On the day of the procedure, it is Stonegate Dental’s priority to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Nitrous Oxide sedation is available as well as local anesthetics to lessen anxiety and pain during the actual surgery. Wisdom tooth surgery usually takes between 15 minutes to 1 hour, depending on how many teeth need extracting and their position in the jaw. After the extraction, it is important to follow the dentist’s instructions on care to help eliminate the possibility of any complications.

Possible Side Effects of Wisdom Teeth Removal

Even when all instructions have been followed post-op, side effects may occur. These include infection, or dry socket wisdom teeth complications. This occurs when the blood clot over the socket is lost or is not formed properly, and the nerve becomes exposed. Without this protective layer, intense pain may develop. Symptoms of dry socket may include:

  • Intense pain starting approximately 3 days after surgery
  • Visible bone where extraction was performed
  • Foul mouth odour or strange taste

This is a painful, but easily corrected situation once the dentist cleans the wound properly. If you believe you may be experiencing any complications, do not hesitate to contact Stonegate Dental to schedule an appointment.

Benefits Of Removing Wisdom Teeth Before Complete Root Formation

Even if a patient is asymptomatic, if the wisdom teeth are impacted (angled and/or no room), it is best to extract the wisdom teeth prior to complete root formation. By the age of 23 most people with wisdom teeth have complete root formation. It is much easier and safer to extract wisdom teeth between the ages of 15 to 22 while the wisdom teeth are still covered by soft tissue and bone before the roots are formed. Some of the advantages of early intervention include:

  • Minimize the risk of malocclusion and crowding
  • Reduce the possibility of resorption to adjacent second molar (if wisdom teeth are horizontally impacted or mesioangled)
  • Eliminate the risk of pericoronitis (infection)
  • Removal of impacted wisdom teeth is safer and easier before roots are formed and less likely to have complications, such as nerve damage
  • Eliminate food trap in the wisdom teeth area which could cause decay in the adjacent tooth
  • Patients that are 30+ take longer to heal as the bone's ability to repair itself becomes less efficient as we age. Older patients also have a higher incidence of dry sockets and other complications

It is beneficial for every young teenager to have a panoramic radiograph taken to assess the wisdom teeth impaction. If there appears to be no room for full eruption of the wisdom teeth, then you would be encouraged to extract their wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

It is difficult get a cost estimate without a full exam from your dentist. Once the dentist has looked over your teeth and examined the x-rays, they will have a better idea of the cost of the procedure.

While getting your wisdom teeth removed can affect your budget, Stonegate Dental would be more than happy to offer an estimate before any work is done. One option is to check with your insurance plan to see how much of the procedure is covered.

If you’re looking for a Guelph dentist that is experienced in wisdom teeth removal, book a consultation at Stonegate Dental today.