Your team at Stonegate Dental is excited to announce that we are now offering nitrous oxide as part of our commitment to making your dental visits as comfortable and easy as possible!

Nitrous Oxide is now available in Guelph, Ontario at Stonegate Dental for use in a variety of dental procedures and treatments. 

Nitrous oxide gas, or “laughing gas”, has been used as a safe, mild sedative agent in dental care since the 1700s. It reduces pain and creates a feeling of calm, relaxation, and even pleasure. With so many millions of adults avoiding dental care This option helps many people to overcome their fear of dentistry and achieve better dental health.

Nitrous Oxide at Stonegate Dental: What You Need To Know

So why is Nitrous Oxide such a great choice for reducing pain and anxiety during your dental procedure?

Quick - The inhaled nitrous oxide gas begins to take effect immediately, with pain-relief and sedation properties reaching their optimal levels within 2 or 3 minutes. This means that your dental visit won’t have to be extended by long periods of time to accommodate use. 

Effective - Most patients say that nitrous oxide gas helped them to feel little to no anxiety or fear during their dental visit, although they remained fully conscious for their treatment. In fact, many patients describe the dental visit as a pleasant experience because the “laughing gas” left them feeling so comfortable. 

Affordable - For patients with minimal or limited dental insurance coverage, sedation during dentistry can be an added expense that comes out of pocket. Nitrous oxide gas is the most affordable dental sedation option, costing less than IV or oral “sleep sedation”.

Short-lived - The effects of nitrous oxide tend to wear off quickly, within 3 to 5 minutes after the inhalation device is removed. You won’t be left feeling woozy or “hungover” and can usually safely drive yourself home from the dental office.

Guelph Nitrous Oxide Dental Treatment Options

Give us a call today or find out more about Nitrous in Guelph at Stonegate Dental, and let us help you decide if this might be an option for your next dentist visit.